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Jan. 4th, 2013


Stress and Flu, huge delay of fest arts and other stuff, won't be able reply comment or comments on fest.

That is it.

Dec. 12th, 2012

Small small small...tiny tiny tiny update...


Just want to let everyone know that I still here... I just happen to have sign-up a lot of fests this year, so I am trying to catching up with them. With all the markers finished, it is really slow to work on them with only ballpoint pens. I hope everyone is well? :)

And I am also making Snarry seasonal greeting cards, so hopefully I can finished them and send them out this time :) *Will make another post when finish for anyone who might want one*

Nov. 24th, 2012

Fanart: For Blow Job Friday - Morning and Noon - SS/HP (R)

Title: Morning and Noon
Artist: [info]sealcat
Rating: R
Warning: Blow job....
Summary: Harry wakes up by Severus....
AN: This is for[info]torino10154's Blow Job Friday, it is a very quick drawing, so it is not detail as usual. I will post on IJ first because  I need to go out soon...will post on other journals later....

Morning and Noon )

Oct. 30th, 2012

Fic searching: Curse Jar/ Swear Jar story?

Just post here again because I suddenly think I might have read this type of story before? Or....I mixed with other pairings/Fandom? D: D: D: *Suddenly Feeling useless*

I am not sure if I have dream up or really read this story before, but hopefully they do exist? (Or that is another prompts that I though it is a story?)

It might be a Snarry fic that start after Harry, Ron and Hermione renting house/flat/apartment together after they finished Hogwarts, and I think there is a part that Hermione want to correct Ron's bad habit of swearing a lot, so she set up a swear jar for that...I am not sure how it become Snarry story, but I rather sure that both Harry and Ron put lots of sickles/knuts in the jar....

The other swear jar story might be that Snape and Harry set up a jar so they might not swear in front of their child/children.


Aug. 11th, 2012

Fanart: For [info]akatnamedeaster - Pouty Kitty & Happy Doggy - SS/SB (G)

Title: Pouty Kitty & Happy Doggy
Artist: [info]sealcat
Rating: G
Warning: None
Summary: Evil artist makes De-Age Severus to wear black kitty suit! Padfoot seems like it a lot! XD
AN: Inspired by[info]akatnamedeaster 's Problems with Potions, and I saved it to post it today~ :D  Hope you have a happy birthday!!

Poutyness.......XD )

Fanart: Thinking? - Severus Snape (G)

Title: Thinking?
Artist: [info]sealcat
Rating: G
Warning: None
Summary/Note: Freehand drawing without making any sketches (base pencil lines) while working/thinking other Snarry fanarts. Ballpoint pen on letter size paper.

Thinking? )

Aug. 4th, 2012

Fanart and Sketch: Look at each other SS/SB (PG)

This is the finished drawing for [info]akatnamedeaster, I am still not sure if it works or not as this is first Severus Snape/Sirius Black drawing I have ever did! XD

Title: Look at each other
Artist: [info]sealcat
Rating: PG
Warning: None
Summary: Severus Snape and Sirius Black meets again....And maybe...maybe Sirius fall out of the Veil and saved Severus after Nagini's attack at the Shrieking Shack? :D
AN: Actually I think the sketch is much better than the finished art~~
And I have finished the drawing a while ago, but just didn't have time to post them...(Posted the sketch on IJ a while ago, just post them together again for easier access~~)

Finished art and sketch )

Jul. 30th, 2012

Again, delays...

Again, not much updates and reply for comments... Trying to finish some fest arts and haven't sleep very well lately (Not related with fest arts), I will posting some finish fanarts when I got time (already scanned and adjusted images, but just lack of energy to upload and posting yet).

Jul. 28th, 2012

Fic search: Dana Phearson (dphearson)'s stories

Hello everyone,

I am wondering if anyone have saved Dana Phearson's ([info]dphearson)  fanfics before she deleted her LJ? I thought I have saved most of her fics, especially the one call "Retirement" but seems like I only saved ones on inkstained fingers... so I hope anyone might have saved it and I might have the chance have a copy of it? Thanks!

Jul. 18th, 2012

Sketch: Look at each other - SS/SB (PG)

Title: Look at each other
Artist: [info]sealcat
Rating: PG

It is just a Severus/Sirius fanart sketch for [info]akatnamedeaster, because this is first time I draw Sirius, so I don't know if it is good enough? hopefully it will cheer up her up a bit~ :)

I am not sure if they are happy to see each other? )

P.s. Only post this on IJ first, because I don't have much time to post it on other journals, too.

Jul. 13th, 2012

Short Note

Still fighting in Fanarts deadlines wars, so nothing much happen there *Plus no contacts lens next 2 days, so no reading either*

Jul. 9th, 2012

My Head-Canon Snape

Suddenly lack of energy and mood to doing all the drawings, so I just write something here to... I don't know, change the mood a bit?

My head-canon Snape )
(Will adds more when I remembered it....)

Jul. 2nd, 2012

Fanart: Rough drawing for The Demon Lords Series: Mating (R)

This rough drawing is for The Demon Lords Series: Mating at Snarry-A-thon 2011. I was not going to post this one, because it is not scanned but taken as photo, so the quality was not that great. The finished art is at [info]snape_potter  .

Title: The Demon Lords Series: Mating (Rough)
Artist: [info]sealcat 
Rating: R
Warning(s): Nudity
Summary: The Dragon Lord and Feline Lords' mating dance/battle.
Note: Err, nothing special, just rough drawing

Rough drawing )

Jul. 1st, 2012

Fanart re-post: for Girl_Harry: Lilies and Sword (G)

And here is another re-post for [info]girl_harry , it looks a bit roughs for me~~ :)
Again, I use the old header and summary.

Title: Lilies and Sword
Artist: [info]sealcat
Rating: G
Summary: Lily's love always protect her daughter, and more...
Disclaimer: Harry Potter is not mine all...Even I wish he/she is~
Author's Notes: Use blue/green/red/black ball pen on paper. Harry as female warrior.
(OS: Why images are so light when I upload them!?)

Lilies and Sword )

Fanart re-post: for Girl_Harry: Harry and Her Prince (G)

I think I should re-post these fanarts just in case anyone might want to see them again.
This one used to posted at girl_harry at IJ, but due to lack of interest, at the end it closed.

AN: I re-use the original header, so it should be ok?

Title: Harry and her Prince
Author: [info]sealcat 
Pairing: Severus Snape/ Harry Potter
Rating: G
Media: Red and Blue Ball pan on brown paper.
Warning(s): Fluffyness, image quality not very good.
Summary: Harry and her Prince, sitting under the rose bush....
Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter and their world, if I do, I will done something very strange to them....especially Snape and Harry~
Author's Notes: I was going to make this one as gift art for [info]girl_harry, but due to my laziness and the problem with computer, this fanart become a very late post....

P.s. For some unknown reasons, the scanned image's darkest blue and red is much lighter than original.

Jun. 30th, 2012

Snape100 Drawble #435: Snape and the River Lethe - Adventisement

Title: Advertisement
Artist: [info]sealcat
Pairing: Severus Snape
Rating: PG
Challenge: For [info]snape100 Challenge #435: Snape and the River Lethe
Summary: An poster for brand new mineral water...
Warning: None
Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are not mine. No money is being made from this fanart, which is presented for entertainment purposes only.
AN: 1. Actually I don't really know what to draw for this challenge! and I know this is for drawble, but I just couldn't resist to make it into drawing...
2. And it took lot of time for shading! friends on my twitter knows that I whined a lot about it on the twitter.......(Yes, for some reason at that time I think this Snape was smirked at me....because I decided to make it into full drawings instead of quick sketch.)

Advertisement... )

Jun. 21st, 2012

Fanart: Cooling (PG-13)

Title: Cooling
Artist: [info]sealcat
Pairing: Harry Potter/Severus Snape
Rating: PG-13
Media: Ballpoint pens
Warning: None, other than Snape and Harry are topless, Oh I think I forgot to draw their swimming trunks....
Summary: Snape and Harry is cooling down in water.
AN: Sort of for summer solstice, and also that these few days are so hot, so I hope this might help cooling down?

Cooling down :) )

Jun. 10th, 2012

Fanart: 69 (NC-17, NWS)

Title: 69
Artist: [info]sealcat
Pairing: Harry Potter/Severus Snape
Rating: NC-17 NWS
Media: Ballpoint pen
Warning: See title
Summary: Again, please see title....Oh well, Severus and Harry enjoying each other....
AN: Start draw it at June 9th, but I finished it at 10th, :( And many thanks for friends cheered for me at Twitter, and sorry for the spaming on Twitter.....

69! )

Jun. 6th, 2012

Happy Birthday :)

Happy Birthday [personal profile] lilyseyes and [personal profile] ziasudra!!
Hope you have a great day!! :)

Just doing more adding on friendlist

 Well, I just realized some of the friends mostly post on LJ and DW, not much on IJ, so I guess I will doing add them here as well, and I found out that there are some people that I like (of their fics or arts), and I forgot to following them....does that meant my memories is getting worst? *sigh*

Jun. 4th, 2012

Happy Birthday~

Happy Birthday [info]ptyx and [info]djin7 :)  Hope you have wonderful day!

Jun. 3rd, 2012

Sort of update for fests and drawings

I just couldn't resist sign-up these fests...I guess that is because I have finished my Snarry-A-Thon assignmet, so I kind of think I can take more?

I actually feels my second SAT drawings are not up to my standerd, the ideas itself are not too bad but the drawings just not really express what I really want. Hummm, need to be much hotter and more actions! (I think), better try something else next time? ballpoint pens just not work too well with markers, the rough drawing was much better than finished drawings, too bad that I didn't scan them first before working on them with pen and markers.

Getting a bit pile up with [info]snape100 and [info]snarry100 but I think I might be able to post some of them this week, I still couldn't draw [info]harry100 's WTA, maybe I will try them again next time~~ ^_^;;;;;;

Jun. 1st, 2012

Fanart: Best Friends (Girl!Snarry)

This was for [info]girl_harry  community, and I haven't have the chance to post it, and I had forgot where I have put it, I just found it last night while organised my drawings, so I post here first, otherwise I might just keep it somewhere and couldn't find it again~~ :D

P.s. [info]iulia_linnea  wrote this drabble for me, it is fun to read, and fit with my urge that I sometime want to turn Severus and Harry into females....XD
---------> Severus' Own Idiot

Title: Best Friends
Artist: [info]sealcat 
Pairing: Girl!Harry Potter and Girl!Severus Snape
Media: Ballpoint pens on paper.
Warning: None
Summary: What happen if Harry is Severus' best friend instead of Lily? And both of them are girls?
AN: I just being weird again! XD going to make Severus in dress now~~~~ :D :D :D

May. 23rd, 2012

Cracky Snarry Fanart - Please read the warning before clicking it~

As at the comment of [info]starduchess  on my IJ, I decide to make this extra fanart for snape100 Challenge 434: Snape's superhero AU...Actually it is rather tame, but the costume itself is a bit silly, even though I drawing them very seriously. '_>`

Title: Pink Dress *Note: First warning for you, from this title you might know what might happen in there.*
Artist: Sealcat
Pairing: Severus Snape/Harry Potter
Rating: PG
Warning: *Highlight to see it* A lot of pink, nice legs, short skirts...Might cause nightmare, some people might be offended by it. Err, don't looks at it when other people around you, it is sort of not work safe, and I don't want to destory your computer monitor, so please not look at it while eating or drinking...
Was for [info]snape100  prompt #434: Snape's Superhero AU, but I have take it and made something weird.
Summary: Magical girls, superhero, I have no ideas what they are duo!
Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are not mine. No money is being made from this fanart, they are only drawn this way for my personal amusement and crazy idea.

Pink!  )

May. 21st, 2012

About my fanarts.

Right now I have post most my fanarts across LJ, IJ, DW, with some mature ones at IJ and DW. In the future I will add some my own comments and extra notes about my drawings on IJ (I think only on IJ for now, going back and edit everything is a bit too much for me~ '_>`), because sometime summary and Artist Note just not enough for me :D

And finally have some progress with my Snarry-A-thon drawings! Hopefully I will be able to finish them as soon as possible~
Tags: ,

Snape100 Drawble #434: Snape's Superhero AU - Grey Crow and Black Snidget

Title: Grey Crow and Black Snidget
Artist: [info]sealcat
Pairing: Severus Snape/Harry Potter
Rating: PG
Challenge: For [info]snape100 prompt #434: Snape's Superhero AU.
Summary: Grey Crow love to work alone, but with this young snidget like to following him around (And he is having difficult time to chase him away), now he have a 'unwant' sidekick with him.
Warning: None
Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are not mine. No money is being made from this fanart, which is presented for entertainment purposes only.
AN: I just realised I am not good with superhero outfits.

Grey Crow: "......" Black Snidget: ":D" )

May. 18th, 2012


Not feeling well... *Back to sleep*


May. 12th, 2012

Snarry100 Drawble #318: Temptation - Brave Gryffindor?

Title: Brave Gryffindor?
Artist: [info]sealcat
Rating: PG
Challenge: For [info]snarry100 Challenge #318: Temptation
Warning: Nothing...but you might worry for Harry...
Summary: Harry just couldn't resisted the temptation...so he ask Severus to wear "The Dress" (Yes, he DID secretly order one for Severus...)
Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are not mine. No money is being made from this artwork, which is presented for entertainment purposes only.
AN: I don't even know what will happen next ' _>`
And what happen before: Here(1) and Here(2)

Sealcat: Harry, are you sure you want to do that? )

Snarry100 Drawble #317: Inventive - Many uses of Mushrooms

Title: Many uses of Mushrooms
Artist: [info]sealcat
Rating: PG-PG13
Challenge: For [info]snarry100 Challenge #317: Inventive
Warning: Silliness from artist....:D
Summary: Severus had picked way too much mushrooms, so he tried his best to use them in many way as possible.
Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are not mine. No money is being made from this artwork, which is presented for entertainment purposes only.
AN: I think I am getting crazier with these drawings... ' _>`
And what happen before: Here(1) and Here(2)

More...Mushrooms... )

May. 8th, 2012

Snape100 Drawble #433: "...May Flowers" - May Afternoon

Title: May Afternoon
Artist: [info]sealcat 
Rating: PG
Challenge: For [info]snape100  Challenge #433: "...May Flowers"
Warning: None.
Summary: Severus and Harry taking a break from potion ingredients gathering.
Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are not mine. No money is being made from this artwork, which is presented for entertainment purposes only.

Snape100 Drawble #432: Snape and ... the ship - Swimming in the pool.

Title: Swimming in the pool
Artist: [info]sealcat 
Rating: PG
Challenge: For [info]snape100  Challenge #432: Snape and ... the ship.
Warning: None.
Summary: Severus and Harry enjoying one of cruise ship's facilities.
Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are not mine. No money is being made from this artwork, which is presented for entertainment purposes only.
AN: Sort of have a Artist's block for this one...I just not sure how to fit a ship in the quick drawing....Anyway, hope everyone enjoy it :)

Swimming )

May. 7th, 2012

Does anyone sign-up for Reversathon?

Just as the title said, I am wondering if anyone have sign up for this year's Reversathon? :)

Sign-ups are open until midnight GMT on Monday 7th May (When is that?), hopefully anyone got time and energy would like to join too? (I already sign up.)

info on IJ: http://asylums.insanejournal.com/reversathon/982.html#cutid1

info on DW: http://reversathon.dreamwidth.org/930.html

info on LJ: http://reversathon.livejournal.com/131807.html

May. 3rd, 2012

Snarry100 Drawble #316: Beauty - Fair Snape...in Harry's head

Here just another one for today~~ :)

Title: Fair Snape...in Harry's head.
Artist: [info]sealcat
Rating: G
Challenge: For [info]snarry100 Challenge #316: Beauty
Warning: None
Summary: Harry just couldn't forget the drawing he found when he cleaned Grimmauld Place, now he always thinking Severus in lovely dress.
Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are not mine. No money is being made from this artwork, which is presented for entertainment purposes only.
AN: Want to know what happen before this? Here is it-------> What you might found when you are doing house cleaning...

Severus in dress(!) )

Snarry100 Drawble #314: Chaos and #315: Natural - Natural Chaos

I am trying to catch up with drawings~~~ @_@;;;

Title: Natural Chaos
Artist: [info]sealcat
Rating: G
Challenge: For [info]snarry100 Challenge #314: Chaos and #315: Natural.
Warning: None
Summary: As usual, the way Harry come to pick up Severus form Azkaban is rather chaotic...
Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are not mine. No money is being made from this artwork, which is presented for entertainment purposes only.
AN: Want to know what happen before this? Here is it-------> Mushroom

Harry come to pick up Severus )

May. 1st, 2012

Snape100 Drawble #431: Three (Black) Sisters-What you might found when you are doing house cleaning

I am late for post this one, I should try to post on time next time...

: What you might found when you are doing house cleaning...
Artist: [info]sealcat 
Pairing: Black sisters, unknown people in the drawing (Imply Snarry)
Challenge: For [info]snape100  Challenge #431: "Three (Black) Sisters"
Picture count: 2
Warnings: None, other than rather bad drawings this time.
Summary: When young Black sisters spend their time while stay at Grimmauld Place, they didn't know that drawing they made one day might be found by Harry Potter while he is cleaning Grimmauld Place.
Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are not mine. No money is being made from this artwork, which is presented for entertainment purposes only.

Three Black sisters with their drawing )

Apr. 18th, 2012

Snape100 Drawble #430: Snape in Azkaban - Mushroom

First time making drawble for [info]snape100 , hopefully it is working...Hummm *Thinking how to draw [info]snarry100 's prompt*

Title: Mushroom
Artist: [info]sealcat 
Character: Severus Snape
Rating: PG
Challenge: For [info]snape100 's prompt #430: Snape in Azkaban.
Warnings: None
Summary: Severus Snape doen't really mind that he is in Azkaban for a short while, because one of the ingredient to cure his snake bite happen in there.
Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are not mine. No money is being made from this artwork, which is presented for entertainment purposes only.
AN: When I saw this prompt, I just really want draw it! it is rather quick (quicker than what I normally do.) so I didn't erased pencil lines or do much of clean up.

Mushroom )

Apr. 6th, 2012

Happy Birthday, Accioslash! :) Gift Art? Snarry Eggs (G)

Happy Birthday! [info]accioslash:) Your birthday happen to around Easter, so I make something for you! Yes, they are Snarry Eggs! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Mass Snarry pics spam~~ *Totally Works Safe*

Title: Snarry Eggs
Paring: Severus Snape and Harry Potter
Medium: Black markers on brown and white eggs.
Rating: I think it is G, but maybe PG just for safe?
Warning: Unless you think they are rolling in the basket, otherwise nothing really happen...
Summary: One day, Snape egg and Harry egg meets each other....

Snarry Eggs! )

~~~* The End *~~~

Mar. 14th, 2012

Thank you Friends! :) Fanart: Blue Dragon and Heart Shape Cards

Hello friends!

Thank you so much for your V-gifts (And for fics searching too!), I was going to send them back, but I was thinking: "Hey...Most of them are into Snarry, why not draw something out of it?" So here you go~ :D Hope everyone will enjoying it!

Title: Blue Dragon and Heart Shape Cards
Pairing: Severus Snape/Harry Potter
Medium: Ball-point pens
Rating: PG
Warning: Humm, no warning, the dragon didn't spit fire out at all...
Summary: Someone send Harry and Severus a blue dragon as gift.

Their Gift Dragon :D )

Mar. 7th, 2012

Severus getting/want to pregnant by using potion?(Snarry)

Hello, sorry to bother everyone again, I just suddenly have the urge to read something about Severus Snape as the one carrying baby by using potion.

Right now I suddenly remembered that I have read a fic/drabble? that is about Severus want to have a child, so he have made a potion, chose a person for one night stand (And the other person won't know about it), but when he arrived pub(or meeting place for dating) He meet Harry, so he change his mind and decide he likes Harry better...That is what I have remembered. (Might be in Severus' Pov)

Hopefully anyone have read that before and point the way to me? or other recommendations are welcome too! :) Thank you!

Mar. 2nd, 2012

Yes, fic searching again...(Snarry)(Found)

Does anyone know a short fic that is feature Snape as a wedding planner after war (Harry wondering why he is doing it), and he planning all his Slytherin students' wedding (And blackmail them to the wedding because they got cold feet or didn't want to), and he end his job as wedding planner when they are all married.

At the end (I don't really remembered the detail) there might be some law that might stop Severus and Harry being together, but because his connections with those Slytherin/pure blood family, so they can stay together...

I don't know why I couldn't find it.... :( I am pretty sure I have just read it a while ago... (Well, it is a while ago, but the fic was posted at 2011, no wonder I couldn't find it....)

*Yay! it is [info]roozette: To Plan a Wedding! found by [info]starduchess, thank you so much!*

*Back to drawing again*

Feb. 22nd, 2012

I will join this year's Snarry-A-Thon

Snarry-a-Thon 2012
banner by [info]swtalmnd and art by [info]stellamoon

There are many interesting prompts in this year's prompt list, hopefully anyone joined the Thon might find something they want, I still have difficult time to make them down to three... (There are 18 I like to draw, but there is no way I can draw them all before April 15th~ So right now I just keep reading prompts and try to figured out which 2-3 are the ones I am really going to draw...

Jan. 9th, 2012

Happy Birthday, Severus Snape!

Happy Birthday! Severus Snape! 

(Right now I didn't have much of internet access and I didn't  have scanner access,  so I will post this first and add fanart up when I am back~ :)


Oct. 20th, 2011

What happen to Rakina?

Hi....haven't been up for very long time....I just notice Rakina's IJ and LJ are gone, and her stories at other websites, too....does anyone know what happen to her? *Sigh*

Apr. 3rd, 2011

Just saying hi and 2 more Do_Me_Veela entries

Hello, friends... I am back (For a few minutes) and need to go back to do the drawings again, with my right hand problem and somewhat unstable scanner, I guess I might be late for a lot of the fest....And my gmail is lost my mails again, so I think I have missed a lot of messages.

Anyway, here are some super late [info]do_me_veela entries for [info]venturous and [info]vividzephyr. Secret of the Nightwing and Healing

LJ version of Secret of the Nightwing and Healing

And I guess March and April's Snarry Calendars might not be up until the end of the April or beginning of the May?...

That is what I could think right now, hope to be back soon (Not sure how many things I have missed.)


Feb. 24th, 2011

So LJ is down right now?

Just wondering if it is just me?
I was trying to go to reply my Do_Me_Veela's entry, but seems like LJ is down right now?
Will try it again later then....

Feb. 21st, 2011

Just posted my first Do_Me_Veela entry

Hello Friends!! Just want to let you know that I just posted my first [info]do_me_veela  2011 valentine Veela fest entry at LJ~ :) Here

And for the friends who prefer IJ, I also post it on [info]do_me_veela 's IJ : Here

Thank you :)

Feb. 14th, 2011

Fanart: Snarry Calendar 2011 February Special #3: Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I Just finished a extra Snarry Calendar for today! (Yes, I draw it today!)
Wish everyone have a Happy Valentine's Day :)

Title: February 2011 Special~ Valentine's Day
Pairing: Severus Snape/Harry Potter
Medium: Ball-point pens
Rating: PG
Warning: Bunnies with Fluffyness ! :D
Summary: So Bunnies! Cupids!Snarry is back for Valentine's Day~~~~

Bunnies! Snarry! )

Feb. 13th, 2011

I must have missed it somewhere...Fic search again :( (Found It)

Does anyone read this fic before? It is about Severus used polyjuice to pretend as Harry and Ginny and have sex with them, and end they found out it is him pretend them and it become threesome.

For some reason I just couldn't find it? I try to find it at Snarry Holiday, Snarry Swap, and Snarry-A-Thon, but I still couldn't find it, do I miss some place to find it? (scratch head)

Feb. 9th, 2011

Drabble search help? :( (Found it by [info]torino10154)

Err... I think I have read a Snarry drabble or a very short fic few days ago(or it is last week?) And it it inspire me to make a fanart, but now I couldn't find it to let the author to know I have done something inspired by their work... *Head-desk*

So I am hoping if anyone who might be help if they have read it before or is the author who write that drabble will be able to recognizing it? I not sure if it is the recent one, because I go back to my friend list and Snape_Potter and still couldn't find it, so I guess I was accidentally saw it somewhere....

These are what I can remembered:

That story is about Snape caught Harry try to steal his hair or try to make polyjuice, and he offer to make polyjuice for him. At the end of the drabble, when Snape finished the polyjuice for Harry, he also ask for Harry's hair, because Harry is not only one who is interesting to see/feel what the other is like... (So they are going to polyjuiced to become the other at the end of the story.)

I am wondering if it is ok to post it at snape_potter to search it? Not sure... if it is a drabble from long time ago, I guess no one will remembered it well as fic?

Anyway...If I couldn't find it, I guess I will have to post it as "Inspired by un-know author" then... ^_^;;;

Note: Thanks to [info]torino10154 's help, it is [info]alisanne 's Perfectly Polyjuiced!

Now I can go back to keep doing the drawing~~~~ :D

Feb. 7th, 2011

Fanart for National Porn Sunday: "Another Bedroom Scene"

I am late to post...But I did finished it!!!!!!!!

Title: Another Bedroom Scene
Artist: Sealcat
Rating: NC-17 (I am pretty sure it is NC-17)
Warning: Not work safe.
Pairing: Severus Snape/Harry Potter
Summary: Just another scene that happen in Severus and Harry's Bedroom.
Medium: Pencil, markers on paper.
A/N 1: Draw for National Porn Sunday Feb. 6 and dedicated to[info]torino10154
A/N 2: I am doing it very quick, so I skip the background and the headboard, only left one bar left for Harry to hold ;p
Another Bedroom Scene )

A/N 3: (After posted for self) Marker bleed too much~ that makes eyes looks strange, need to choose different type paper to prevent it. And need to do more colours testing.

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