February 2013



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Oct. 30th, 2012

Fic searching: Curse Jar/ Swear Jar story?

Just post here again because I suddenly think I might have read this type of story before? Or....I mixed with other pairings/Fandom? D: D: D: *Suddenly Feeling useless*

I am not sure if I have dream up or really read this story before, but hopefully they do exist? (Or that is another prompts that I though it is a story?)

It might be a Snarry fic that start after Harry, Ron and Hermione renting house/flat/apartment together after they finished Hogwarts, and I think there is a part that Hermione want to correct Ron's bad habit of swearing a lot, so she set up a swear jar for that...I am not sure how it become Snarry story, but I rather sure that both Harry and Ron put lots of sickles/knuts in the jar....

The other swear jar story might be that Snape and Harry set up a jar so they might not swear in front of their child/children.


Jul. 28th, 2012

Fic search: Dana Phearson (dphearson)'s stories

Hello everyone,

I am wondering if anyone have saved Dana Phearson's ([info]dphearson)  fanfics before she deleted her LJ? I thought I have saved most of her fics, especially the one call "Retirement" but seems like I only saved ones on inkstained fingers... so I hope anyone might have saved it and I might have the chance have a copy of it? Thanks!

Mar. 7th, 2012

Severus getting/want to pregnant by using potion?(Snarry)

Hello, sorry to bother everyone again, I just suddenly have the urge to read something about Severus Snape as the one carrying baby by using potion.

Right now I suddenly remembered that I have read a fic/drabble? that is about Severus want to have a child, so he have made a potion, chose a person for one night stand (And the other person won't know about it), but when he arrived pub(or meeting place for dating) He meet Harry, so he change his mind and decide he likes Harry better...That is what I have remembered. (Might be in Severus' Pov)

Hopefully anyone have read that before and point the way to me? or other recommendations are welcome too! :) Thank you!

Mar. 2nd, 2012

Yes, fic searching again...(Snarry)(Found)

Does anyone know a short fic that is feature Snape as a wedding planner after war (Harry wondering why he is doing it), and he planning all his Slytherin students' wedding (And blackmail them to the wedding because they got cold feet or didn't want to), and he end his job as wedding planner when they are all married.

At the end (I don't really remembered the detail) there might be some law that might stop Severus and Harry being together, but because his connections with those Slytherin/pure blood family, so they can stay together...

I don't know why I couldn't find it.... :( I am pretty sure I have just read it a while ago... (Well, it is a while ago, but the fic was posted at 2011, no wonder I couldn't find it....)

*Yay! it is [info]roozette: To Plan a Wedding! found by [info]starduchess, thank you so much!*

*Back to drawing again*

Feb. 13th, 2011

I must have missed it somewhere...Fic search again :( (Found It)

Does anyone read this fic before? It is about Severus used polyjuice to pretend as Harry and Ginny and have sex with them, and end they found out it is him pretend them and it become threesome.

For some reason I just couldn't find it? I try to find it at Snarry Holiday, Snarry Swap, and Snarry-A-Thon, but I still couldn't find it, do I miss some place to find it? (scratch head)

Feb. 9th, 2011

Drabble search help? :( (Found it by [info]torino10154)

Err... I think I have read a Snarry drabble or a very short fic few days ago(or it is last week?) And it it inspire me to make a fanart, but now I couldn't find it to let the author to know I have done something inspired by their work... *Head-desk*

So I am hoping if anyone who might be help if they have read it before or is the author who write that drabble will be able to recognizing it? I not sure if it is the recent one, because I go back to my friend list and Snape_Potter and still couldn't find it, so I guess I was accidentally saw it somewhere....

These are what I can remembered:

That story is about Snape caught Harry try to steal his hair or try to make polyjuice, and he offer to make polyjuice for him. At the end of the drabble, when Snape finished the polyjuice for Harry, he also ask for Harry's hair, because Harry is not only one who is interesting to see/feel what the other is like... (So they are going to polyjuiced to become the other at the end of the story.)

I am wondering if it is ok to post it at snape_potter to search it? Not sure... if it is a drabble from long time ago, I guess no one will remembered it well as fic?

Anyway...If I couldn't find it, I guess I will have to post it as "Inspired by un-know author" then... ^_^;;;

Note: Thanks to [info]torino10154 's help, it is [info]alisanne 's Perfectly Polyjuiced!

Now I can go back to keep doing the drawing~~~~ :D

Jan. 31st, 2011

Search for a Severus Snape/Rubeus Hagrid fanfic(Found)

For some reason, well... maybe be that is because I am typing [info]hp_beholder's sign up post, I just suddenly remember this story and I realized it is one of my missed/lost bookmarks story :(

From what I have remembered it is a slash fic after Deathly Hollows' final battle, Hagrid found a snake (Which is Snape's Animagi form) in Forbidden forest or his hut (or surrounding area?), and he take care snake and later found out it is Severus Snape and they fall in love. There is a part that Snape use a potion on himself so he is same size as Hagrid.(But not sure)so they could be together.

I really hope there is someone did read this story and might be able to point me out where I could find it again, it is well written and the tenderness between them is worth the read...

Thank you (And feel very stupid again)

Just found it!!! it is [info]rakina 's A New Life! Yay!